Union Harvest Freedom products
enable you to “Live your best life”!

Union Harvest features proprietary genetics which are
selected throughout the production process to ensure our
products meet your expectations and provide the best
entourage effects of cannabinoids. Our genetic pool eliminates
the plateau effect often found in hemp-based products. The
variety of products found in this sample pack are selected to
allow members to take a slow thoughtful approach to the
Union Harvest Freedom offerings.

You’re America’s best and your body will tell you what is best
for you! A member of Union Harvest’s team will be contacting
you shortly to ensure you are completely satisfied and will
answer any questions you have about Union Harvest’s
company and Freedom offerings.




Union Harvest Freedom CBD Chlorella Tablets were
developed by our partners at Nature’s Root. Chlorella
may help your immune system function better while
providing increased oxygen to your system. Chlorella is
identified as a superfood. It is a type of freshwater
seaweed (green algae) and contains protein, iron,
vitamins B and C, and other beneficial antioxidants.
Chlorella coupled with 15 mg of CBD in each tablet
makes this small tablet a powerhouse for overall health.

Here’s just a few benefits & support you may experience:

• Inflammation and pain reduction
• Headache support
• Anxiety and depression minimizer
• Balance mind and body
• Sharpen mental alertness and focus
• Hangover and fatigue support
• Hot Flash support



Organic hemp provides the raw material for our tincture
product. Varieties are used throughout the manufacturing
calendar to eliminate the plateau effect which is commonly
experienced by individuals regularly consuming Cannabinoid
based products. Union Harvest tinctures will not separate
and are free from the strong oily, grassy, aftertaste that most
experience with other brands.

Union Harvest’s tincture has had the THC molecule removed,
identifying it as a broad-spectrum product, which delivers the
desired entourage effect from of a CBD sublingual. With this
tincture there is no need to worry about THC testing.

Here’s just a few benefits & support you may experience:

• Anxiety & Stress Relief
• Improved Focus
• Biological Stability
• Inflammation & Pain Relief
• Relief of Post-Workout & Soreness
• Sleep & Insomnia



Targeted to overcome a multitude of pain obstacles,
our CBD Cooling Balm was created for individuals
that may carry chronic, debilitating, pain, around
with them every day. The Cooling Balm provides
deep muscle penetration and extended relief time.
With our balms’s heating and cooling elements you
often feel a sense of relief within minutes!

Here’s just a few benefits & support you may experience:

• Improves bruising spasms & nerve pain
• Reduces inflammation
• Reduces feelings of pain & body aches
• Effective on various skin conditions
• Reduces redness and irritation
• Intensely hydrates the skin
• Increases muscle recovery time
• Heating & cooling sensation



Union Harvest Freedom-Hemp Heart Protein Powder
allows the user to experience the benefits found in
the nutritionally dense hemp heart! Our Freedom
Protein Powder has a neutral color and creamy,
smooth, flavor, which makes it ideal to blend with a
wide variety of beverages.

• 70% Plant Protein – complete protein, high in Edestin
(highly digestible) & Arginine (an essential amino acid)
• Low fat content. Omega 6, Omega 3
• Rich source of iron, magnesium, and zinc
• Made without harsh chemical additives.
• High water binding capacity
• Free from the top eight allergens